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Pilotis Ply

A tabletop surface supported by four slender plywood legs bent to create strength. This concept of folding surfaces is borrowed from ancient ‘Ori’ knowledge and makes for a flat-packed table with a lightweight structure and an archetypical design. Pilotis Ply Table is a tribute to the pioneers of bent plywood, designed with people at heart. Suitable for work and play, Pilotis Ply serves all purpose.

Pioneering with bent plywood.

Rex Kralj


For several customers I have consulted on the topic of lighting and compliance.

Without knowing the legal requirements for (especially) mains voltage lighting for specific markets, it`s close to impossible to comply.

Within Europe it`s mandatory to comply to the applicable regulations for lighting and affix the CE marking.

Even for one-offs and artistic installations, you need to make sure to work according to the applicable regulations and globally there are numerous mandatory certifications.

If you need assistance on making sure your lighting is up to standard in safety and compliance, contact me.

Lighting (CE, ENEC, cULus, PSE)

Outdoor Furniture

For a new brand I co-developed a range of outdoor furniture in ao. Aluminium and metal.

The items vary but the challenges were not just design orientated, but involving mechanical developments and intricate solutions to fixate components.

The brand and products are yet to be launched.

Moving parts & Complicated assemblies


Fabrics & 3D Knitting

In my position with the company Moooi I selected and developed custom fabrics, either woven, knitted or printed for over 10 years.

From this experience I have developed a sense of feeling for selecting fabrics from hundreds of options, selecting not only on composition, technical quality and price, but also tactile and colour properties.

Furthermore I’ve grown into knowledge and experience with 3D knitted textiles for use on/ with furniture, of which I feel this will cause a new era of textile opportunities with furniture design and upholstery.

Contact me if you`re interested to develop something truly new and innovative!

For upholstery

Brand Assesment

For Slovenian furniture brand Rex Kralj I performed a brand assesment, to define the core values, mission and purpose of brand and it’s owners.

The process consisted out of a 2 day session with a group of 6 professionals from the field of interior design, brand design, sales and product design together with the owners of the brand to create an in depth vision about the company’s purpose and position in the design branche.

Following the report and it’s outcome, together with a fellow professional provided business support.

I later got more close involved with the brand as Art Director and Designer.

Mission, vision, values!

Rex Kralj

1960 Chair Collection

The essential chair doesn`t really exist, but the 1960 Chair from Rex Kralj to my opinion is a contestant. With a layout developed over the past 40 years it has clean lines, a minimal use of materials, comfort, strength and all of that in an attractive design. I`m designing new additions to the basic chair to create a wide portfolio to serve hospitality and homes with fitting extentions such as barstools, barchairs, an armchair and a stackable version.

Essential seating collection

Rex Kralj

New Chesterfield

I was asked to develop this complex chair for production. With a substiantial amount of constraints within the design, the chair embodies many technical solutions such as a a hidden returning swivel mechanism, high quality chromed wire metal structure, a moulded foam backrest  up to a custom injection moulded footrest. This chair is almost a showcase of furniture development.

High design, high complexity



The Luspoot collection from Cees Braakman has always been one of my Pastoe favourites. I owned one for years and when I got the opportunity to re-develop the piece for Pastoe I offcourse jumped to it. Underestamating how complicated it can be to re-develop 1950`s ideas with modern technology, with the right partner we established the re-birth of this midcentury icon.

Rebirth of the icon


Mosquito Barstool

Inspired by the strong graphic appeal of the split seat design by Niko Kralj from the 1950`s I designed the Mosquito Barstool. It honours the original design, placing the emphasis on the gentle curve of the plywood. It`s produced in both oak and walnut, bar and kitchen top heights.

A tribute to 1950`s imagination

Rex Kralj

Bart Sofa

In 2012  Moooi`s CEO asked me to design and develop a sofa following a briefing I made before, on the topic of improving the company`s position in the market of sofa`s.

My approach was to develop a piece which was more an object than a system.  A piece which looks great solitary and has a friendly but recognizable character.

I found my inspiration from French Canapès. With their crafted, rounded contours they seem much more able to elevate interiors than the archetypical square sofa we are used too.

I avoided stitches where unnecessary and realized a volume with a minimal use of foam, but an overwhelming softness.

To accommodate both retail and project markets I designed two different versions in sitting height and depth based on the same basic elements and selected and developed signature fabrics & leather.

Proven succes, a modern classic



During my daily practice in design and consulting, aesthetic influences connect with conceptual thoughts about sustainability. Meeting with inspiring people and finding opportunity in manufacturing. Design is such a wide concept and I like sharing thoughts and ideas, knowing that a design succeeds when it`s truly adopted by the people I work with. It`s only then that design satisfies and reaches the level of authenticity I`m drawn too. This portfolio shows designs which have been realised over the past years.


I work with product design based companies and help them realize products, and the right conditions and circumstances to perform. Usually one question leads to another; I take a holistic approach to each request for support.

Another important tool I is performing assessments on brand, products and portfolio. I compose a team of experienced professionals to define short – to mid- term strategies for start-ups and scale-ups. I work on product management & art direction and have an extensive network of marketing and content professionals to support this.


Last but not least I support businesses with product development in a broad sense. This varies from design and technical development up to sourcing, manufacturing, compliance engineering and testing. My specialisation lies with decorative lighting, furniture and accessory.


In the medieval hart of the city of Enkhuizen lies the Zuiderkerkstraat. Named after the 15th century Zuiderkerk which is located at the end of this street, it accommodates my Studio.

Having travelled the world and living in urban environments for most of my grown up life I felt that I needed a change of scene. I moved to the small, historic environment of Enkhuizen. Here time moves in a human pace, providing me with a healthy distance from `the buzz` allowing me to think freely and work autonomously on design & consultancy for global design brands.



As a trained industrial designer I`ve been active in the design & development of high-end design furniture, lighting and interior products since 2004. I’ve been fortunate to work with the most recognized creators in the design industry, mostly in my role of managing product design for the company Moooi.

Having explored the full width of the international design business I’ve established my studio in 2018. Since then I specialize in supporting designers and design driven brands.

With my experience in a commercial driven, but highly cultural environment it has trained my conceptual & commercial senses. It gave me a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful design brand and a unique perspective on design itself. The coherence of a product portfolio, brand identity and company values makes the difference between a company which sells products and a design brand.

I supervise and consult design & execution of products. From artisan production to mass production. With my extensive network of manufacturers & specialists I can make designer dreams come true. And occasionally, I like to take time and convert inspiration into designs.

First and foremost – I love working with inspired, passionate people to realize beautiful things together. I look forward to hearing from you, your ideas, challenges and dreams.


A selection of clients I service, or have serviced since 2018.



Studio adress (visit by appointment )

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