Design collaborations

 Working with the most dedicated and known designers in the industry shaped my sense of esthetics and conceptual thinking, and my industrial design degree is my foundation, forcing me to think about making the best use of materials and technology. My intention always is to create durable furniture and lighting with a long-lasting appeal, that resonate with the values and core of the companies I work with.


Design that serves people

Geometric lines meet smooth curves in the 1960 Chair. The fluent curves of the plywood are supported by a square frame, which creates a lightweight chair with a dynamic feel. It’s a collection of basic pieces, comfortable, durable, stylish and fiting in any modern environment, fitting Rex Kralj’s company motto to create Design that serves people.

Icon & Bestseller

I created the Bart Sofa as a solitary piece, a rounded-off object that is opposite to square monoblock sofa’s. With the then-new possibility of knitted fabrics, it was possible to make a truly pebbled shape volume conceived by merging shape and functionality. The Bart collection expanded and up to date remains the company’s best selling seating product.


An elegant, fine table to lighten up dining rooms with the warm appearance of solid oak. By its thin-edged top and legs, the thickness of the solid wood is both emphasized and accentuated by its thin contour. Due to the rounded shape it’s a very tactile table with a subtle, but distinctive presence.

The art of ori

With the abundant knowledge and understanding of bending plywood within the company of Rex Kralj, it was evident for me to construct a table from it. When developing the idea, the notion of “Pilotis” as they have been famously used in modernist architecture was leading to define the shape of the legs. Following the principles of folding paper, one side of the legs is elongated for strength and the other is practically linear shaped for maximum space between the legs. Which by itself realized an interesting appeal and look. When finished, a lot of people commented that it looks fresh but familiar. A most rewarding compliment. 

Elegant volumes

Revised`s design language is  based on modern interpretations of pre-industrial manufacturing. In that sense, furniture upholstery before mass manufacturing wasn`t a process of stitching and sewing, but of applying and fixing fabrics around a soft volume. With Bartington I focussed on a similar approach, resulting in a sofa with one smooth and continuous outline, made possible by using Revised`s advanced knitted fabrics.

Cladded by nature

It`s impossible not to admire and enjoy the incredible shape, smell, the depth of colors of the plants and trees that surround us. Defined by weather conditions and circumstances, plants always choose their most favorable path to grow. With Fernhurst I borrowed this rich and uncopiable design by nature, giving it a framework to branch upon. Fernhurst is a series of objects, reminiscent to rose bows, to be cladded by nature. Overgrown by leaves, branches and flowers. With the integrated pot, Fernhurst can bring a touch of green to paved squares or rooftops but also interiors, offices and lobbies.

Tribute to the King

I drew my inspiration from the strong graphic appeal of the wing-like seat and angular legs of the Mosquito Chair, an iconic design by Niko Kralj to design a new barstool. With the same split seat design and clever construction, its such a logical piece for me. I assume Niko would have approved it.  The Mosquito Barstool comes in two heights in natural walnut and oak, as well as several distinctive colours. Its stainless steel footrest allows for intensive use.

Tribute to the Queen

With the passing of Queen Elisabeth, I happened to find myself in the courtyard of one of Milan’s most wanted restaurants, waiting to be seated where a few old iron chairs, fitted with wheels took my interest. I’ve seen the young princess on 1920’s pictures on wheeled outdoor chairs in the newspaper that morning. When I then saw Revised’s first castings an aluminium wheel Findon was there in a minute. Connecting a victorian feel of luxury with present day modern technology. A stainless steel collection that will last hundreds of years.

Taking the art of ori outdoors

Bending plywood legs for the Pilotis Ply table resulted in a very strong and smart table. So we repeated this concept with bending steel, thus realizing a new steel structure which is treated for outdoor use. With its aluminium or thermally treated wooden top, it`s quite a versatile table,  dependant on the colour and setting it varies from young and vibrant to an almost corporate style table. In any version its made with the optimal use of materials and comes flatpacked.