My main involvements

Following a 15-year career within the company Moooi I’ve been self-employed, working in several collaborations, projects, consultancy jobs, and long-term commitments on a freelance basis. 

I started my work with in Moooi in 2004 at the age of 24, when the company was in s start-up state. Developing with the company I soon become responsible for product development and later overseeing the team responsible for product design, engineering and product management.

I founded my studio in 2018, with the ambition to utilize my skills and experience and apply this to support upcoming brands and designers with their development and projects. Alongside working on designs and projects autonomously.

After performing a brand assesment and business consulting, there became need to direct these learnings into a visual identity and portfolio management. Since 2020 I have been leading the company’s brand identity, content management, and portfolio management.

Having been participating in companies I decided to concentrate my dealings inside a new holding “Wensdenken Holding”, to allow several enterprises to exist alongside. Wensdenken is the Dutch translation for “wishful thinking”. Something I believe is essential for design to come to life.

I caught up with former Moooi founder Casper Vissers in early 2021, and we slowly picked up pace of the development of his new company Revised. Following more and more projects I entered the company as Partner & General Manager December 2022, with the freedom of picking up on side projects and supporting former clients where needed.

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